Three LinkedIn features that Facebook should steal.

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The last few days’ I’ve spent a little time improving my profile and expanding my network over at [tag]LinkedIn[/tag]. (It’s here if any readers would like to add me) While it’s never going to replace [tag]Facebook[/tag], I felt it reflected on me quite badly having a neglected profile. And I was pleasantly surprised at some of the great feature they have over there which FB would be wise to replicate or steal.

Balaclava’s for the discerning intelectual property thief – via flickr

Auto Suggestion of Friends – I found the ability to see people who have recently joined the site from ex-employers or university brilliant. I can often find old acquaintances on Facebook when they add a mutual friend, but LinkedIn tool works really well. I tend to be quite selective about whom I add on social networking sites, but anything that helps me include my ‘real’ friends is great.

Questions & Answers – I use [tag]Yahoo Answers[/tag] all the time for our clients but I’m not what you would call a recreational user. However seeing how people are using Questions on LinkedIn makes me wish that functionality was available with out installing a spammy application on Facebook. You have the wisdom of crowds combined with the pre-qualification of the answerer having mutual friend connection. I can think of tonnes of times when I’ve been striving for a lost blog post or had a technical SEO question where this kind of ability in Facebook would have really been useful.

Friends of Friends – at the moment at Site Visibility we are recruiting, which has encouraged me to have a serious look into the potential of social media to cut out the middle man in headhunting and recruitment, and this seems something LinkedIn really have got nailed. I am growing to like Facebook’s Marketplace as an alternative to Gumtree, but it would be able to be even more useful if it used ideas like LinkedIn’s network of friends of friends. I’d much rather buy a car or rent a flat of someone who knows a friend of mine.

For all Facebook’s faults and LinkedIn’s functionality I’m not going to shift networks, but I’d love it if [tag]Zuckerberg[/tag] & co would steal some of their competitors’ ideas!

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