Social Media Lessons I Learnt While on my Honeymoon in Hawaii

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Some of you might have noticed a bit of a lapse in the frequency of posts here over the last couple of weeks. Hands up it’s my fault.

I’ve been away from the office getting married and then off to Hawaii, leaving the rest of the SiteVisibility team snowed under in the busy run up to Christmas.

Me and the good lady wife

But I’m back now and wanted to share a few things I learnt about social media while out on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Social is a way of life not a tactic – being a reserved Brit it’s difficult to adjust to the friendly American attitude and laid back Island way of life. Fortunately we quickly got used to it, but it really bought home that you can’t fake being social.

Online it’s the same as real life. You can’t try to be social as a business or organisation you have to be. It has to be embedded in your DNA. This is going to be a bit of a culture for a few companies; you have to be friendly and liked to take the most from social media

Look past the novelty – a lot of people in the UK don’t think there is much to Hawaiian culture other than surf boards and loud shirts. They couldn’t be more wrong there’s a whole world of art, music and theatre that is native the to the island chain.

Why’s that important in social media? Well often it’s easy to go for the easiest most tabloid option when producing content. In certain circumstance this can work well, but it’s important to remember how this can reflect upon your business. People might misjudge your company the same way they misjudge Hawaii.

You can be too involved in the blogosphere – being aware of the zeitgeist is vital if you want your blogging to be topical and relevant. However I’ve come up with some great ideas for posts while away from my PC for nearly three weeks.

That objective distance can help you ignore the latest slip up from Facebook or attempt from Google to destroy someone else’s business model and really concentrate of producing great timeless content.

TripAdvisor is more important than Facebook – I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to Facebook but I’ve been trying to separate my personal enthusiasm from my pragmatic marketing head.

While in Hawaii my accommodation was entirely planned using TripAdvisor, which seemed common with other holiday makers we noticed. This is no big surprise to any social media marketing company operating in the travel sector; but a healthy reminder that’s there are a large number of social media sites which a business can use to brand themselves and attract customers.

It was a great break, and I managed to write the basis of a great e-book about Facebook Marketing while flying out there which should be out sometime in the new year, which I hope a few of you will be looking forward to.


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