5 Functions I’d Cut Off My Right Arm For Twitter to Add

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If you’ve read our latest whitepaper about Twitter you’ll already know how head of heels we are with the service and know how we think it’s going to work with more general search engine marketing.

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But despite our teenage crush there are a few little niggle we really wish they would solve.

1. Shared Friends – okay I’ll admit Twitter have really improved their ‘You’ve got a friend’ email by including the profile picture and their follower count but I think they could go one step further. It’s stolen straight from Facebook but the ability to see whether you share mutual friends would be a great addition to the email

2. ReTweet buttons on the web interface – all the twitter clients make it easy to reply and retweet with easy buttons, it would be great if the same kind of functionality was available on the standard web interface. Yeah not many people just use the website but when I do use the web interface it’s sorely missed.

3. Re-Tweet Chains that don’t eat the character limit – if something really takes off on twitter it can quickly get three or four people deep retweeting but to stay within the character limit people get dropped off, I have no idea how they could make it work but it would be great if every link in the chain was credited

4. Bit.ly stats built into the interfacebit.ly is a huge step forward in the way twitter deals with url shorteners, but the ability to track how many people have clicked a shortened url has whet my appetite for more info about click thru’s and the like. If you could get the stats direct from twitter and maybe make sure all shortened versions of the url are the same.

5. The User who tweeted the link included in the referral string – I would love to know every time someone lands on my site from twitter which tweet sent them there. Bit.ly and other might be able to provide some information but it would be much easier if Twitter just parsed the details to your favourite analytics package. https://www.techcrunch.com/2009/05/26/the-awesome-potential-of-retweet/

I suppose it’s only a few niggles but little changes like this would really make my day.

This is part of our #tweetsheetweek series of posts to promote our new white paper on getting the most from twitter.


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