Should my Company Be Worrying About Google Plus?

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There’s been no avoiding the hype about Google’s latest foray into Social Media – Google+. Some questions we’ve been receiving from a few of our clients are what should I do about it? Should we be setting up a profile? Etc.

I won’t speculate about the long-term prospects of their service, that’s a topic that’s already been covered by hundreds, but what I can talk about it is it something you should be doing right now.

Google have made it clear at moment that they don’t want business’s setting up personal profiles for businesses. They’ve even gone as far as deleting some profiles set up in this way. This will be a deterrent for many businesses. You don’t want to go to all the effort of setting up an account and building a network only to have your account nuked. If you’re already short of time and resources for your campaign, then your time might be better spent on something with longer term value.

And although the site has seen meteoric growth already it’s audience is still limited. Before getting involved in any social service or network ask yourself what percentage of your ideal customers are using the service. If that proportion is low then the chances are your resources should be allocated somewhere else.

That’s not to say there might not already be some of customers there, especially if you appeal to an early adopter crowd but think seriously about whether the overlap is there. Or as legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy eloquently put it “don’t believe the hype”.

This initial assessment might make you think that I believe any company using the service is wasting their time. That’s not true. Some great companies have taken a short term approach and asked themselves what can we do now? The lack of competition does make it easier to stand out. There’s also plenty of potential to get industry plaudits for making a bold early move. Though you may need to ask yourself whether the respect of marketing peers actually helps ship product!

For more information, please download our most recent article on the subject.

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