P = Pinterest: A Very Pinterest-ing User Guide

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So you might have heard it from a friend, you might have seen posts on Linkedin and on marketing blogs, but what is Pinterest? And how can you get your hands on it?

Let’s start with telling you what it’s all about. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the things that you find on the web. You can use your pinboards to organize your life – from hobbies to clothes you can save all your favourite things in one spot. Best of all, is the discovery side of the website in which you can view pinboards created by others, allowing you to draw inspiration from people who share your interests.

Right then, let’s show you how it all works!

First of all when you visit the site, you’ll be greeted by an invitation only screen:

You might know a friend who already has an account; therefore you can get them to send you an invite. If not, simply apply and you should be able to start using the site within less than a week.

Then, connect Pinterest via your Facebook or Twitter account and you’ll be ready to go.



However, you might want to change a few of the settings if you connect via Facebook as you may not wish to tell all your Facebook friends what you’re sharing on Pinterest.



Click on the App activity privacy and you’ll be able to choose whether you want everyone on Facebook to see your posts or just your friends or even simply just yourself.
You’ll then be asked to choose what you would like to share and then who you would like to follow related to your previous choices.

Standard things here are uploading a photo and description, but you may also include any websites that you are affiliated with, which is obviously a useful touch for businesses.

The next step is finding your friends and since you have connected to the site via Twitter or Facebook, this shouldn’t be too difficult to find them. If you’re Facebook/Twitter friends are already signed-up then you’ll be able to spot them straight away and start following them (you may also wish to ask them why they didn’t invite you already!)




Adding a pin allows you to share a URL and post it to your board, whether it be an item of clothing from a sports store or a new duvet. Uploading is where you can import an image from what you have captured on camera and then you can simply post it online for your friends to see.

This is the main section which can be rearranged according to your preference, where you divide your interests and hobbies into categories and where you lay down your ‘pins’. You can choose boards from the categories available or even create your own. Furthermore, you can choose to restrict your board to just your own posts, or have other contribute as well.


Pins are the items and products you share on your boards with friends and fellow Pinterest users. You can add a description as well as uploading the product URL and choosing the relevant thumbnail image (please note that one slight issue that we’ve experienced is that when linking to some pages it does find it difficult to retrieve the thumbnail that you were looking for).


When viewing other peoples boards you can choose to ‘re-pin’ specific items which will see that image posted on one of your boards. You can also place a ‘like’ or even comment on the pin. Furthermore you can also decide to follow specific boards which match your personal interests and these will show up first in the main section when you log on.



Using Pinterest For Business:

Pinterest have clearly stated that they do not wish this platform to become spammy however there is a clear vision that this platform could be a great place to enhance brand personality.

Firstly, after setting up a company page you may wish to install the Pinterest button on your site:



If your site contains great content with great images then your fans and website viewers will want to share your products in this easy method. Creative images, advertisements and slogans will further encourage fans to share your images onto Pinterest. You can include the Pinterest share buttons on these products and images to facilitate sharing.



Additional assets are that if you include prices within the image descriptions when you upload a ‘pin’ then you may find yourself featured into the ‘gifts’ section.



It is important to add that even if your business doesn’t offer a physical product, you can always create engaging images on your ‘boards’ to entice fans to follow you.
Social fun:
Another way which we could see Pinterest working well is competitions. Just like you would have on Facebook and Twitter; likes and shares win you prizes, here ‘re-pins’, follows and likes could allow you to win competition giveaways.

One of the amazing things about this website is that for SEO purposes, it’s a great resource to gain some followed links. A moderate usage of Keywords in descriptions will further enhance the SEO benefits of receiving links which go straight from your ‘pins’ to the desired website of your choosing.

Pinterest is building momentum and is already receiving millions of visits each month. If brands do catch onto this site, then we will no doubt see an expansion of business related functions.

Watch this space and keep following our blog to stay tuned of further developments in the usage of Pinterest.

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