Top Free Twitter Tools for 2013

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Twitter Tools 2013

Well what can I say, it’s been another huge year for social – full of events, campaigns and faux-pas. However, tools are what I’m here to look at once again with another useful and concise list to help you save time and improve your social media campaign results. Seen as Christmas is just around the corner, I thought i’d share my favourite free Twitter tools that you should all be using in 2013.

First up on the list is a magnificent tool, maybe my favourite of all the ones listed here. I might even say it’s perhaps my favourite all time Twitter tool.

1) Twitonomy

This little beauty is a one stop shop for all your Twitter insights. Not only does it provide you with a list of your top mentions and ReTweets it plots them in a graph over time to give you extended data. What’s so impressive about this tool is that it can store months worth of data – retweets and mentions – incredible! That definitely beats the measly data available on Twitter. You can reveal which tweets were retweeted and view who gave you them. After that you can delve into further exploring their f0llowers and their tweets.

Here’s where it gets even better, you can analyse their tweet style – how often they tweet, their most used #tags, their top mentions and retweets…the list goes on. What a tool!

2) Followerwonk

It’s so good SEOmoz just had to have it! Another brilliant tool which lends itself perfectly for outreach prospecting. Got some killer content but in need of some online contacts to get it published? Well, here’s where followerwonk comes into play, simply type in the keyword you’re looking for, let’s say ‘seo blogger’ and search away.

This tool will find all the relevant Twitter accounts which have this keyword in their biography. You can narrow your search down via location as well as looking for specific keywords in any URL which they place in their bio. Getting in touch with your contacts via Twitter is certainly much more personal than a cold email, why not give it a go!

3) ReFollow

ReFollow is a new find and offers a really good visual oversight of your followers. Here you can sort your followers into groups – follow count, tweet count etc. and you can hover over each fan to view their details allowing you to follow or unfollow accordingly. Not only that you can RT, mention or DM any of your followers directly from the tool.

This is certainly useful when you’re looking for specific followers to get in touch with when working on your social campaigns. If only Twitter allowed you to do this as well!

4) Tweriod

Ever wondered when you’re scheduling tweets, who’s going to see them? How do I even know my followers are online right now? Well, guess what? Tweriod helps you out by graphing the time your followers appear online enabling you to target your tweets for the right moments. Compare weekend times with week days and you can also view the times you tend to receive mentions and messages. Very handy!

5) Bitly

If you’re running social media promotions being able to track where people are coming from is very important! To do that you can use Bitly, a URL shortening site which gives you insights on the URL’s you post. You can view clicks, shares from up to a months worth of data. You can view the sources of traffic clicking on the URL as well as being able to view what country they’re coming from. Most importantly, you can view all the tweets using your specific shortened URL.

If you want different insights you might want to try using Google’s own URL shortener – This version will show you what platforms people are using to view your URL’s – i.e. mobile, ipad etc. You can also see which browsers people are using to click on your URL.


I hope you find these free Twitter tools useful and that they’ll help you improve your social media campaigns by making you much faster, more insightful and more targeted with your approach.


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Enjoy and Merry christmas!




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