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Here at SiteVisibility one of the things I love is the importance the company places on personal development and we are always keen on enhancing our knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape. I have worked on various Twitter Advertising Accounts in the past and have seen some great results engaging with a range of users online so when the opportunity came around to go to a Twitter conference I took this with both arms wide open!

Last week we took time out of the office to meet up with Twitter in the London Film Museum. The topic of the morning was to discuss how Twitter could help businesses grow and engage with their target audience using a variation of both organic and paid approaches.

After arriving at 9:00am we walked through to the event room where we were greeted in true Twitter style with a breakfast bonanza!

DJ At #GrowWithTwitter

Our main presenter for the morning was Steven Mcintyre. Steven started the event talking about Twitter’s history and growth over the past few years. He then moved on to discuss how Twitter had evolved into having over 200 million active users worldwide, Impressive right?

As the morning continued the focus of conversation turned towards real time marketing and how it can be implemented in order to successfully engage small, medium and large sized businesses with their specific target audiences.

Sharon Flaherty from Confused.com presented a case study where she talked about their new TV campaign and social strategy that uses Brian the Robot to connect with their prospect customers.  The campaign demonstrates how creative strategies are effective and by carrying out these strategies social growth becomes imminent. It is worth noting that all social media strategies require a large amount of trial and error in order to succeed, however if done successfully they can be the most powerful element of your digital marketing campaign.

Throughout the conference it became clear that Twitter has become a platform that allows everyone to communicate with each other and have direct communication with anyone that owns an account thus creating new opportunities for increases in revenue, brand awareness and customer support. The main tagline across the afternoon was #GrowWithTwitter and it was clear that their passion for digital and willingness to help and support brands grow was their main focus at the event.

So you might be wondering how Twitter manages to help you target its database of users specifically based on their interests. The secret behind this is that each user has a unique interest DNA that is determined by the accounts that they follow and the contextual elements to their profile such as the topics that they talk about as well as the users that they engage with.

Twitter used the following graph in order to illustrate what a users unique DNA might look like if you broke it down into categories. Each Interest Graph is built up of accounts and interests that make up a users DNA structure on the social platform. This allows Twitter to target specific tweets at users based on what they are likely to be interested in.

Twitter Interest Graph

A good example of this could be if you wanted to target a new fitness product to a man. Targeting Twitter Accounts such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness would be essential in order to engage with the correct user opposed to targeting someone that is into a completely different interest category or account.

Throughout the day we were reminded of Twitter Accounts that grew by using creative strategies. One example profile used was the account of Chris Hadfield, an astronaut from an international space station. Over the past year Chris has built up over 1 million followers tweeting pictures of the earth from out of space. This helps us justify the importance of interesting content and how key it is in growing your social profile. At the event we were given various examples of different types of Viral Marketing techniques that have successfully grown brands and normal user accounts on Twitter.

Chris Hadfield Twitter

One of my favourite topics from the day was related around Television and Twitter. Twitter strongly believes that Television is what makes their platform so active showing peaks of engagement throughout specific films and television shows. They have carried out research that suggests that 60% of UK Twitter users use Twitter whilst watching television, 40% of all Twitter traffic around peak time is about Television and 90% of online public conversations about Television happen on Twitter. Another interesting fact was that 79% of people use a second screen whilst watching Television.

Another useful tip from Twitter was that #Hashtags organise any conversation. Using #Hashtags is key in order to optimise your content whilst using both organic and paid techniques. Using real-time marketing can create new opportunities for your brand and using #hashtags that are relevant to daily events can boost your exposure and engagement with users on Twitter.HashTags Organise Any Conversation on Twitter

A topic that was of massive interest to me was the social platform Vine. Personally, I’ve become slightly addicted to using Vine, I think its concept is truly exceptional and it gives everybody the opportunity to create high quality video clips that can potentially encompass a meaningful message.  For Businesses it is a tool that can powerfully engage with users on a large scale. A good example of a business that has done this is French Connection who is actively using Vine to their own advantage by creating short 6-second video clips on their new ranges of clothing.

Vine in real time markteting

Another good example of a business that is capitalising on the usage of Vine is Lowes. Through using Vine they are able to create 6-second tips on DIY problems around the house. This has become widely popular for the home improvement audience with various engagements across their social profiles.

Some interesting statistics on the usage of Twitter included:

  • 40% of users are more likely to use twitter more than once a day
  • 1 in 3 users will use Twitter during their commute
  • 1 in 4 users will use Twitter whilst shopping
  • 50% of users will use Twitter before bed

People are now using Twitter more actively than ever and as a result this poses as an opportunity for any size of business to engage and grow their business through Twitter.  For more information on the day you can look through hashtags on #GrowWithTwitter or contact us for more information on how to get started.

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